Why the Jets are still struggling despite making some changes

Some wondered if Jets were the identical team that they were before their season-opening loss to the Ravens. But, the past five weeks have produced a significant change for the NFL. It’s not just that Gang Green won four of its last five games, but the team is at the forefront of being a contender for the playoffs. “It’s a start, it’s an excellent start, this is all that matters,” Jets owner Woody Johnson told the Daily News’ Pat Leonard at the NFL owners’ meetings held in Manhattan this week. “We are extremely happy. Green Bay: If you’re taking part in any activity in Green Bay it’s pretty awesome going to Lambeau.

In the year 2000, Robert Saleh took over a Jets franchise that had recorded one winning season since . His predecessor Adam Gase had run the team through the roof and the Jets squad resembled that of an expansion team. Saleh instantly realized that he’d have his hands full with trying to build a culture that would be successful.

The offseason of this year saw the Jets add a variety of veterans, such as D.J. cornerback. Reed was a familiar face to Saleh during his tenure as the defensive coordinator of the er. At the beginning of training sessions, Kwon Alexander was signed to linebacker position and Duane Brown as a tackle. Additionally the fact that the Jets also drafted cornerback Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner, wide receiver Garrett Wilson, defensive end Jermaine Johnson and running back Breece Hall all within the first round of the NFL Draft. They’re now like the young team of the ers, and has Saleh and Kyle Shanahan leading the way.

In his role as coach, Saleh led his team of San Francisco ers to a performance record, before the team lost in Super Bowl LIV against the Kansas City Chiefs. The team used its running and defensive abilities to win games, much like the New York Jets. “Our way of playing is based on technique, effort as well as violence” Saleh said. Three aspects players and coaches feel they have control of.

“There isn’t a still image. I am looking at your tape and I see it’s dark and quiet. What is it that you are seeing? Do you think you’re saying about the tape? The style we use for playing is everything, and those are the 3 things that we’d like to see jump off the tape. It’s important for us that we see men playing well, with precision and with a bit of violence. This element of the game been improving over the years, especially these past months. There is plenty to be done. It is heading in that direction.

The players, you’re making great progress in handling things you have control over. Throughout training camp, Saleh and the Jets players frequently talked about how improved the team was as compared to the previous year. After a rough start and a – finish, it’s difficult to disagree with the team’s performance thus far. In the meantime, Green and White have found numerous ways to win games especially in the last quarter. Hall is their offensive leader in victories in games against Dolphins, Packers.

What lessons can we take away

In the end, it’s obvious that the coaching team wants to see more effort, precision, and violence from the players. The team is heading toward the right direction however, they have a long way to go.


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