What would happen if Liz Truss succeeded in defeating Russia

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg condemned the Russian President’s “dangerous nuke rhetoric” However, he noted that it’s not the only time Putin made threats like this. Today, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stormed out of a UN Security meeting after a absurd speech where he said that the ‘totalitarian’ Ukraine of ‘neoNazism’ and “Russophobia.”. Blinken said Putin of fuelling the flame’ by taking recent moves like calling up reservists and planning referendums in Russian-controlled Ukrainian territory just as Kyiv achieved significant progress at the front. Recent actions by the Russian team are seriously worrying and will only serve to aggravate the tension.

1. What are your views on Russia’s latest actions?

Russia’s recent actions have raised international concern for a variety of motives. Over the past few years Russia has become more assertive in foreign policy as it has adopted a tougher approach in its relations with the West as well as its friends. Additionally, Russia is working to build up its military capability, including in modernizing its arsenal of nuclear weapons. Thirdly, Russia has been meddling with other nations, including interfering in electoral processes and backing separatist movements. Finally, Russia has been engaging in provocative acts, like buzzing NATO ships and aircraft and sending troops into neighboring countries. These actions, taken together can lead to believe that Russia seeks to restore its standing as a key force and to upset the global order.

2. Do you believe was the motivation behind Putin’s rhetoric?

In the recent news, reports suggest Russia’s “Iron Doll” propagandist Liz Truss, is risking Armageddon as she tries to conquer Russia. It begs the question: what is the intention behind Putin’s speech? A few believe Putin may be trying to intimidate the West into submission. Putin wants to portray his image as a leader who is powerful and unstoppable through the use of the language of a man who will go to extreme lengths in order to defeat his foes. In doing so the goal is to create terror in the people who are against his position, making them less inclined to give in or surrender to his demands.

3. Are there any dangers of larger conflict as a result of these tensions?

It’s important to take into account the possibility of a larger conflict due to tensions. This is especially true when we consider Putin’s “Iron Doll” propagandist claim Liz Truss may be at threat of Armageddon by trying defeat Russia. While it is impossible to anticipate the future with the certainty of a prediction, it is apparent that the tensions that exist between Russia and the West have the potential to turn into a fully-fledged conflict. Both sides have nuclear weapons that make this more probable. Each side must take their time and avoid any action which could lead to the declaration of conflict.

A Brief Summary

The Russian populace is being deceived by their governments if they believe that the use of nuclear weapons is a reasonable response to the West’s support of Ukraine. Russia’s strength in the military is more powerful than NATO as well as that of the United States, so any nuke would result in complete destruction for Russia. The time has come to ask the Kremlin to cease acting aggressively and seek peace-based solutions of conflict in the Ukraine conflict.


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