What challenges Sunak will face as PM

This is a difficult moment for our country. Our nation must come together by putting priority on public service and working together. Because we care deeply about our country and the massive challenges before our country, it’s essential to let political differences go so that Rishi Sunak to have the greatest possibility of success. Sunak reached that point on Friday night, in advance of announcing his candidacy Sunday, and racking up more than 150 nominations public from Tory legislators. We wish him all success in his campaign.

1. What are we doing to bring us together in these times of struggle in the wake of Priti Patel?

Priti Patel, currently the Home Secretary of the United Kingdom, has stated that Rishi Sunak (UK Chancellor) will be the next Prime Minister, following the resignation of Boris Johnson. This comes because of recent developments. Patel, who is currently the UK’s Home Secretary has made the following comments: “Now is the time for us to come together and join forces as a nation. These are among our most difficult challenges and it is up to us to join forces to overcome them. It is possible to do this. We are more resilient than ever before with the right leadership.

2. The reason why she says it’s vital to put on the front the service of the people?

It is important to put the public service first to ensure that the requirements of people are being met. This is particularly important when it comes to a democracy where the government must be representative of the public. When public servants prioritize the interests of their constituents over their personal goals and ambitions, they help create an equitable and fair society.

3. Does she have a wish to see for her country?

When Johnson quits the race for leadership, Sunak of Britain is set to be elected PM. The country could see a variety of positive outcomes from this. One way is that this could result in greater security and stability within the administration. On the other hand it can also create more conflict and discord within the political party in power. Sunak will need to tread carefully in order to ensure that this does not happen.

4. What is Rishi Sunak’s performance been like in the Conservative Party leadership race?

Rishi Sunak is beginning to gain significant support in the leadership race of the Conservative Party. His stellar performances so have been a key cause. Sunak particularly has shown his capability to express the Conservative Party’s future vision and gained support by a large portion of the group. Also, Sunak has been able get the endorsement of some key figures within the party that has increased his popularity in the race. To date, Sunak is considered to be among the leading contenders for the contest and it’ll be interesting to see how his performance during the next couple of weeks.

Quick Summary

Boris Johnson is the clear favourite for the post of Theresa May after Priti Patel left the race for the position of Premier Minister of the United Kingdom. Patel made an intervention in an attempt to prevent Johnson from being elected Prime Minister. There is a high likelihood that Patel’s withdrawal would affect the result, considering Johnson’s massive lead in polls.


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