The Most Popular Travel Destinations for 2020

It is not always the most popular destinations to explore. These destinations recommended by experts in travel are vastly different from each other. Alex and Michael For instance, were raised in various parts of France. Ala however, grew as a child in Bali. Claudia is from Indonesia.

Michael was born in Provence

Michael has a family history of growing up in The French Riviera, which is full of beautiful places. It’s as if you’re traveling back to the 70s, when France enjoyed slower life. It’s a place where everyone communicates with each other and takes walks through the countryside. It is commonplace for people to associate “Provence” with picturesque areas, such as vineyards, old stone walls and fields of lavender. People in the region love playing boules.

Alex was born in Burgundy

Alex was born in Burgundy (France). After he turned twenty Alex discovered a passion for making wine, and decided to relocate to France in order to pursue his passion. He worked as an winemaker for a time in Beaune, France, and eventually established his own wine bar. After living in Burgundy for a number of times, Alex decided to leave the region and move to South Africa. He was introduced to Ben Radford who shared his affection for Burgundy and joined his.

Ala was born in Bali.

Ala is born on Bali to her parents at the time she was just 5 years old. Her childhood was in rural Bali. Her love for the beauty of Bali as she aged. Her strong connection with nature was the reason for her love of yoga, and sparked an unending love for yoga. The Japanese once held it, and the Dutch defeated the Indonesian rebels in Marga. Following the war, the island joined the Republic of Indonesia. The year 2002 saw a terrorist bombing on Bali claimed the lives of nearly 200 people However, nowadays, Bali is one of the planet’s most sustainable locations.

Claudia grew up in Indonesia

Claudia grew up in Indonesia and her father is an entrepreneur. Following her studies at Sekolah Pelita Harapan she graduated with an undergraduate degree from University of California Berkeley. After that, she decided to pursue an MBA at Harvard Business School. Claudia is passionate about financial markets and writes. Claudia loves travel, as well as her corgis.

Marisol has a specialization in multi-country itineraries.

Marisol Aracari is a leading specialist in travel, specializing in multi-country itineraries. Since 1996, she’s designed custom trips for Peru as well as Bolivia. The knowledge she has gained in this region has given her an unrivalled access to Peru’s most stunning regions.

Antonia “Toni” Neubauer runs a non-profit organization that constructs libraries in rural villages in Asia

READ Global, a non-profit group, has built libraries throughout villages in Asia. While its main office is located at Washington DC it was founded in Nepal about 20 years ago , under the guidance of an aide. Neubauer envisions a community with easy access to the printed word as well as opportunities to learn for themselves and to achieve economic autonomy.

Eric specializes in multi-country itineraries

While studying abroad, Eric spent ten weeks in Tanzania. Six weeks of Eric’s time in Tanzania consisted of traveling around the country and visiting sights such as Zanzibar and the Serengeti. His degree was followed by four additional weeks of internships. Eric is the sole member of the group, majored in civil engineering. He worked for the final four weeks with Longido’s construction manager, located near the border between Kenyan and Tanzania.


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