The Most Influential Countries in the World: An In-Depth Analysis

Cultural influence is not enough for determining a country’s rank. Certain countries are more influential than others. Five countries have the highest influence on culture. France, Denmark, Australia, and South Africa all make the list. What do they have in these countries?


The Ethiopian culture comes from the amalgamation of a variety of ethnic groups. Every ethnic group has its unique style of living and its own language, however they all contribute to Ethiopia’s overall culture. Ethiopians practice a myriad of traditional practices including food, dance and hairstyles. Ethiopian culture offers a wide combination of material and spiritual tradition that creates an ethnically diverse and diverse country.

Ethiopia’s social system centers on the family. Family is a priority and all individuals are honored for what they give to their families. A lot of parents remain with their children long after their children grow up.


For a long time, Denmark was one of the countries that has been most accommodating to foreigners. However, recent changes are causing tensions between residents of the country as well as immigrants. There are political parties that advocate being excluded from social assistance of immigrants. Many new immigrants double as citizens and demonstrate Danish values and language at home and in public.

Although Danish is the nation’s official one, there are other languages that are spoken across the nation. The majority of Danes have fluency in English as well as German however, many complain about difficulties learning Danish. Different words mean different concepts based on their context. In addition, the spelling and pronunciation can also differ.


It’s evident that Australia has a significant influence on culture. The most famous artists and musicians in the world live in Australia. Australia is home to some great artists from every era of the Grammy Awards. These artists are: Silverchair, Powderfinger, John Farnham, Jimmy Barnes, Kylie Minogue, and other artists.

Despite the enormous influence of the United States, the Australian society has maintained its own unique cultural identity. After World War II, Australia’s society has shifted toward American style of living, yet Australia is able to maintain its own identity.

South Africa

Visitors to South Africa should be aware of several dangers. First, the country is home to an incredibly high quantity of carjackings. This is why it is suggested that you close the doors of your vehicle and open the windows. Protect your valuables from prying eyes. The most serious risk is “smash and grab” crime. These are commonplace at highway highways and urban areas. The robbers typically pose as a vendor before grabbing whatever valuables are in your vehicle.

While South Africa has a diverse populace, there are a few basic characteristics. South Africans tend to be optimistic and open to taking risks. They believe in cooperation and work. People who are motivated often think in practical, sensible ways. They are often motivated to do so by the fear of losing their job.


The United States of America is one of the states that are composed of fifty states. There is also the state of Hawaii located in the middle of the Pacific ocean. The contiguous states of this country share land borders with Canada along with the Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico. It is also the world’s fourth-largest nation by area.

While this United States is relatively young, its history has been full of significant events. It was formed in 1776, and it was the first step towards becoming as a nation. This was a crucial moment for the entire world, as it was one of the very first European colony to be able to split and become a nation. The early years of the country’s existence were filled with political debates over territorial expansion, social issues and economic development. The United States began expanding across North America in the middle of early 20th century. In many cases, this led to Native Americans being displaced. It also led to the establishment of several states. The United States eventually spanned the entire continent from the east to the west.


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