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Numerous countries have condemned the recent North Korean ballistic missile test. However, it appears that the tests haven’t created security risks for neighboring nations or even areas. They were justifications as a matter of North Korea as it responded to threats posed by US military forces. KCNA, an official of the North Korean state news agency claims that the missile tests have had no impact on civil aviation and have not posed a threat to neighbouring countries. Since no news reports have mentioned incidents, this appears to be true. It’s possible North Korea is simply trying to send a message to the US as well as other nations that they are capable of protecting it.

1. What is the reason why North Korea launch these missile tests?

There’s a range of possible reasons behind the North Korean’s recent missile tests. These tests may simply be continuations of North Korea’s previous actions. It has an extensive history of missile testing, so the tests could simply continue. One possibility is that North Korea wants to communicate an official message to the international community , in response to economic sanctions or other pressures. There is also the possibility it is possible that North Korea may be testing innovative technology to defend itself against missiles and are using the tests to test the new technology. However, regardless of the motivation, the missile tests of North Korea are considered provocative acts and are expected to raise tensions throughout the region.

2. What has other nations done to these tests?

The news on | News | Al JazeeraplayShow navigation menuplaysearchfacebooktwitterwhatsappfacebooktwitteryoutubeinstagram-colored-outl, 2. What have other countries done in response to these tests? Other countries have been responding to the news following the announcement. A few countries, including that of the United States, have been dissatisfied with the news however, others, like China has been more supportive. Most likely, different countries’ responses are going to influence the direction of the world into the future.

A Brief Summary

A risky game is being played. In the context of US and South Korea joint military drills underway, North Korea’s decision to carry out tests could be considered a provocative move. This could lead to tensions that get out of hand and lead to escalating violence.


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