Schalke fires coach Kramer after 5-0 defeat to Bayern Munich

Schalke is currently in 17th place in the 18-team league. The team is struggling to hold onto their spot in the top league. Schalke has won just one league match in this campaign. But their only victory was against Bochum and they are currently in last place. Though Schalke’s year wasn’t optimal, they are fighting to stay in the top division. We hope they are able to improve their fortunes during the latter half in the current season.

1. What was Schalke’s most difficult challenge this season?

The most difficult challenge facing Schalke this season has been the string of losses. Schalke is caught in a very difficult situation and has not been able to come back. The coach Kramer is being pressured to improve the situation however, the team was unable get back on track. This led to his firing.

2. How have the team been able to turn things around?

The team’s capability to rebound from defeats was evident when Schalke fired Kramer as their coach. It’s a major turn in the events which shows that the team’s ability and resilience to overcome challenges. It will be interesting find out how the team performs with their coach.

Quick Summary

It’s evident that Schalke’s demotion of Frank Kramer was due to the recent series of losses. Schalke is evidently not satisfied with the direction Kramer took the team, so they have decided to make a switch. The team will determine who the replacement for Kramer is and determine if the person they choose will be able to transform the team.


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