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The new blog entries will address recent events regarding Twitter’s ownership change and subsequent mass eliminations. We would like to greet you professionally and politely. We understand that this is an extremely difficult time for all that have been affected by these changes, and we’d like to offer an understanding of the current situation. In the first place, we are pleased to announce that those who have been fired from Twitter will receive their complete severance packages in accordance with the law. In addition, those who are laid off are entitled to three months’ worth of severance payment and 50% higher than the amount legally needed.

1. Why did Twitter lay off such a large number of employees?

The principal reason behind the massive layoffs that took place at Twitter was the company’s financial difficulties. Since 2013, Twitter has lost money regularly. In 2016 Twitter posted its first quarter profits. However, in the first quarter of 2017 Twitter recorded a loss of $167 million. Twitter made a range of modifications to lower costs. This included reducing its workforce.

2. How did the Twitter’s newly appointed owner, Elon Musk, handle the situation?

It’s interesting to watch the reactions that Elon Musk (Twitter’s new owner) at the announcement that employees were exiled. He has not taken this news seriously, and has vowed to take the company to the courts. This is not surprising, considering how prominent Twitter as well as the risk of negative publicity. It is worth noting, however that Musk is well-known for being quick-witted and reckless. However, this is not the right decision when faced with this issue, since it may damage the reputation of the business.

3. How many jobs born as a result the cuts?

Twitter has laid off around 3000 employees. This is an effect of the higher demand for the platform following the announcement by Elon Musk that he’d likely be using the platform more often. These layoffs also brought about increased innovation and productivity within the company and employees are more focused on creating new and innovative features for the platform. This has lead to an improved user experience, and is expected to lead to even greater numbers of customers.

4. There was a reaction by members of trade unions and politicians the layoffs?

The response of politicians and trade unions to the layoffs was mixed. A few politicians were critical of the layoffs and called them “heartless and cold-blooded.” The trade unions supported the cuts and said they could reduce the cost of business.

A Quick Review

The reductions in staff at Twitter have become a controversial subject, with many discussing whether or not the cuts were necessary or legal. The majority of those who are affected by the cuts are scheduled to receive compensation for their time at work up to the 4th of January. This is a positive development to those affected by layoffs, and hopefully it can ease the transition for them in their search for new employment.


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