How the Army Wives association is helping to break the stigma around lifestyle diseases

Introduction: Counselling services for military service veterans and retired military personnel from the Army Wives Association is available to them, their families as well as other. Counselling is provided in English as well as Spanish. The counseling services are available Mondays through Fridays from 9am-12pm, and between 1pm and 3pm on Saturdays. For more information visit

The Army Wives Association can help to assist you.

Some of the lifestyle disorders that may be affecting military personnel are weight gain, sleep apnea anxiety disorders, stress fractures as well as many more. You can find support and information through the Army Wives Association to enhance your quality of living.

What can you do to help the Army Wives Association do for you?

The Army Wife’s Association has a array of tools to assist retired and serving military personnel with lifestyle diseases. The list includes online resources, newsletters and chat rooms. is a website dedicated to helping service or retired military spouses living with lifestyle diseases. It also provides details on the association’s Facebook page and Twitter page.

How can I get involved in your local Army Wives Association.

The Army Wives Association requires that you are a spouse or girlfriend of an active soldier in order to become a member. Learn more on their site to know more, or visit one of the membership desks. They provide Army Wives Association provides counselling on lifestyle disorders for serving or retired military personnel.

Find out more on The Army Wives Association

The Army Wives Association has a number of resources for members, including podcasts, articles, videos as well as social media platforms. Additionally, you can find forums or activities to aid in making connections with fellow military spouses and girlfriends.

The Army Wives Association can help you.

Access online is provided through the ArmyWivesAgency website to numerous resources such as podcasts, articles and podcasts. The Army Wives Association offers online access to various resources comprising podcasts, articles, as well as social media platforms. It is crucial to ensure that you maintain good balance in your lifestyle. It’s about spending time with the people you love, working out and managing anxiety.

Be smart about spending your money

In the case of spending take care when you spend. It is important to be effective in managing your finances and saving every day so you can spend relaxing time with no worries about your finances. It is also possible to reduce your spending when you are capable. This will help to manage stress and increase your happiness when you’re a wife within the army.

Be a great wife

You can be a wonderful husband by being one that will put her own requirements and desires first. You must make sure that you’re happy with your clothing, hairstyle, and lifestyle selections. Each of these can affect your ability to perform as a wife in the military. Additionally, make sure you’re in a good mood for your husband during his time performing his duties or is working from the home- this will help keep him focused on the job at hand and keep the balance of life and work.


There is help available from the Army Wives Association to achieve balance in your life as the wife of a military soldier. If you are aware of the diseases serving or retired personnel, getting help through an organization like the Army Wives Association, and being a happy and healthy spouse of a military service member, it is possible to ensure your overall health and wellbeing while serving as a military.


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