How honoring Latino family values can help preserve and celebrate culture and tradition.

Respecting Latino heritage and the values of family is an ideal means to appreciate a wide heritage. Students can learn about who are the most famous and influential Hispanics living today to honor Hispanic American culture and. There are also exhibitions and museums to help educate your students about their heritage. The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Latino is home to an exhibit called the Molina Family Latino Gallery, featuring videos and facts.

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Hispanic Heritage Month is an annual celebration of Hispanic heritage, which runs throughout the month of September through October 15. It recognizes both the achievements of Latinos as well as their diverse their culture and in the past. Additionally, September is the month when several Latin American countries celebrate their independence from Spain.

Corazon Community Services

Corazon Community Services is a nonprofit that provides comprehensive family-oriented services, such as healthcare, for Latino families. The organization is also home for the Latino Cultural Center that has a gallery, workshop space, auditorium, bilingual library, and a digital Cultural Memory Archive that chronicles the stories of the Latino community in Central New York.

All Souls Day

Day of the Dead has been a Mexican tradition since the time of its inception. The recent participation of non-Mexicans on this holiday has been criticized as the appropriation of culture. There are numerous ways to mark the Day of the Dead.

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Participating in Latino traditions and values can be a way of honoring their culture. Learning about traditions and celebrating holiday celebrations is among the best ways to honour Latino culture. Loteria is a popular game that is a game with Hispanic roots , is one example. Each player receives 16 cards with photographs. For a chance to win, a player will read out a short phrase on each card. The players then try to cover up the images using objects. One person who can cover an entire row gets the winnings.


Respecting Latino cultural values means being within the tradition that your families have. Latinos value their family time over everything else. The father will always be the mainstay of the family. Meanwhile, the mother dedicates herself to managing the household. Although these roles might be a little outdated in today’s society yet they’re important for the Latino community.


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