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Home swap, also called home sharing, is an arrangement in which two persons agree to supply each other with free accommodations for a definite period of time. It’s a relatively cheap form of accommodation, a bit like bartering, collaborative consumption, and exchange because no money exchanges hands. But it’s also a little different from most forms of accommodation. Most arrangements where people exchange property are typically hotels or holiday homes, but home swaps are usually more economical than those accommodations. When two people exchange homes, they don’t necessarily exchange their very own homes. Rather, they swap their homes, which might be at home or in another temporary housing facility.

Home swap arrangements arise when one person wishes to move into a new house, but doesn’t have the funds to buy that house or when one person doesn’t want his or her current residence to go to waste. Home swap provides people like these with a cheaper option to live in their new home. In a typical home-exchange transaction, a home swap provider will act as a broker that lists homes available for exchange. A home-exchange broker doesn’t represent either party in a home-exchange transaction. Instead, he or she represents only the parties listed on the listing.

The cost of a home exchange arrangement depends on the ages of the parties and on the value of the homes being traded. The cost is typically between ten and twenty-five percent of the home value for a one-week stay in a home swap. In a two-week stay, the cost is generally between fifteen and twenty percent of the home value. More than ten days for the exchange is even more expensive.

Not all home-exchange sites charge fees. In fact, most allow you to bargain away the fee for the listing. There are also sites that allow you to view homes without paying a fee for listing. These types of sites often have slightly lower costs because they don’t market as widely.

Because home-exchange sites offer such affordable housing options, many families are taking advantage of them. They’re not just looking to save money. Instead, they’re hoping to find a home they can afford to live in and take care of. This is where a home swapping company can help. By providing listings on their home-exchange sites, these companies are helping families get into a home they can afford.

For interested buyers and sellers, there are many home swap and house swap directories online to choose from. Some even let you search through real estate agencies in your area to find a home you can exchange your home for. This is helpful for those who are moving from city to city. Real estate agents can charge a fee that can make it difficult for people who are not used to this process. For this reason, home swaps and house swap listings are especially beneficial to first time home buyers and sellers.


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