Fun Games For Your Wedding Reception

So you are looking for something unique to add in your wedding reception, so you are searching for some unique wedding party games to add in your reception? A Nigerian wedding party game is right to the point and full of fun. There are many games that you can play in Nigeria but what you need is something that stands out from the rest. The best way to do this is to make your own game. The idea is to have a game that is unique to the culture of Nigeria.

One of the most popular wedding games is the Icy Tower. In this game the bride will need to be at least 300 feet away from the groom when the ice breaks. If it breaks, the groom will fall into a small crevasse that is guarded by four guards. The guards will shoot a couple of buzz bombs at the bride to try to stop her from falling in. The bride will then have to stand on top of the ice and wait to fall. This game is especially fun for married women who don’t like heights.

Another popular wedding games is a Memory Match. In this game the bride and groom are given a picture of each other in a wedding dress and asked to match it with a photo taken from several years ago. The more recent the better and the more unique it is. The rules are very simple and you could play it with as few as two people or with as many as eight. It is best played with at least four players, this way it won’t be too time consuming to organize.

One of the more traditional yet also one of the most interesting wedding games that you can play is the tying of the knot. In this game two guests are blindfolded and they are given a ring each. They will then have to guess which guest is the wife and that is the husband. This is a game that can be made more entertaining by having guests come as a group or as individuals. The common point between the first couple is that they are the only married couple in the picture. The rules are very easy and you can choose whether the ring goes on the left hand or right.

One of the more popular wedding games is one called Simon Says. In this game two or more guests are asked to say something like “I am getting married”. The wedding planner will ask them to say it after they have been called upon by the newly weds. Guests should remember that they will have to say something like “I am getting married” if they want to get a chance at getting a special moment in their wedding. Simon Says is a good game to play if you and your partner are the same person.

You will also find several popular African wedding games in the variety of games that can be played at any wedding. This will include, charades, bingo, guessing the weight of the bride, the groom and the bride’s belly button, pass the parcel, and guessing how many glasses the guests have consumed. A Nigerian wedding reception can be a fun time for your guests. You should use the internet to find ideas of games you can play and have fun as a result.


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